We're a London-based team building software to emulate human expertise.

We sit at the intersection of applied AI R&D, design, and industrial needs to launch products that amplify and scale human expertise across valuable commercial domains.

our purpose

At Atman Labs, we are driven by a future where AI systems are more than just passive output generators but instead benevolent human counterparts. We believe standalone AI technologies cannot emulate true human intelligence that consists of deep knowledge and proactive interactions, nor create platforms that can interact with humans over long periods of time to help us reach conscious objectives. A new approach to building truly intelligent systems needs to be grounded in both biology and technology. It needs to be compounded by commercialization, and it needs to be tied to a spiritual vision that goes beyond a single self.

Atman’s unique research lies at the novel intersection of custom Reinforcement Learning environments, large-scale Knowledge Representation, and multi-modal Generative Models, which mimic how humans dynamically strategize and interact with the world, reason, and communicate. We are deploying our platform in products across a number of commercial domains to demonstrate the value of our approach – starting with building proactive shopping concierges for e-commerce, to eventually launching products that scale expert-led interactions across travel, healthcare, education, and more. By building machines that emulate human experts and act symbiotically with humans, we want to allow humans to experience a higher level of consciousness in their lives and develop a deeper intuition of consciousness as a whole. We believe this is the first basecamp towards building benevolent general intelligence that coexists with humans.

our research

grounded in biology, brought to life by technology

Truly emulating human expertise means going beyond using large language models solely as presentation engines. Humans aren't stochastic parrots, they dynamically interact with their environment and are motivated by rewards, and their knowledge is grounded in relations. We are taking a first principled approach to relate what we know in biology to the combined capabilities of cutting edge AI techniques – and making a system which can be useful in any context, safe, and able to handle massive scale at production. This requires exploring the frontiers of the following problems:

Strategic Actions

Expert Knowledge

Fact-Grounded Content

Immersive Interaction


our team

We have the ambition to usher the world towards co-existing alongside benevolent, generally-intelligent AI counterparts, starting by deploying superhuman experts across industries.

Not only do we believe that our work is a credible approach to functionally emulate human intelligence and amplify human consciousness, but we believe that this mission can also allow us to conceive many commercial products that yield billions of dollars of commercial revenues to support an ambitious R&D effort for years to come.

We are building for a future where humans coexist alongside benevolent AGI and we will be at the forefront of executing on this vision. We are looking for ambitious and independent thinkers who have a deep desire to contribute and want to be part of the team that makes this a reality for humanity. Below are open opportunities to join us in this mission.

You will join an incredibly focused, interdisciplinary, and conscious team that spans years of founding and research experience in Applied AI and moonshot companies. We are proudly based out of London but come from all over the world. We are supported and supercharged by investors around the globe who have previously backed some of the most foundational and daring companies, especially in commercial marketplaces, where we are first deploying our platform.

We are ready to meet you. Help us build new categories of industry-shifting products and ultimately carve the path to benevolent general intelligence.

© 2023-2024 ATMAN LABS, INC.

© 2023-2024 ATMAN LABS, INC.

© 2023-2024 ATMAN LABS, INC.

© 2023-2024 ATMAN LABS, INC.