Founding Engineer: Knowledge Acquisition and Representation

Founding Engineer: Knowledge Acquisition and Representation

Atman Labs, London

About Atman Labs
At Atman Labs we are building software to emulate proactive human expertise. Emulating true human intelligence and interaction with deep knowledge and proactive assistance has largely been impossible to do via standalone Artificial Intelligence techniques. Our unique research lies at the intersection of custom Reinforcement Learning environments, Large Scale Knowledge Representation, and Knowledge Presentation, is inspired by biological priors, and will be evolved and compounded with commercial application. As an applied research and commercialization company, we are deploying our platform in products across a number of commercial domains to demonstrate the value of our approach – starting with building proactive shopping concierges for e-commerce, to eventually launching products across travel, healthcare, education and more. 

The Next Frontier of Knowledge Representation: Industry-leading Multi-Modal Search, Retrieval, and Recommendations that Model Human Reasoning
We are hiring for a founding engineer that will be responsible for advancing the state of the art in multi-modal knowledge acquisition, representation, and search across text, image and video. As our entire technical foundations are based in biology, we seek inspiration from human experts, who have spent hundreds and thousands of hours reading, watching and looking at documents, implicitly forming extensive knowledge graphs in their brains allowing them to answer complicated questions with powerful recall and associative reasoning. As new knowledge is created, humans can quickly and dynamically update their mental model of  associations between entities and concepts.  As foundation models for text and images mature, it becomes easier and cheaper to embed documents in high-dimensional spaces across text, images and video. We can build systems that can not only store and index web scale knowledge (fusing signals from disparate web-scale sources and across media types), but answer deep vertical questions that would require highly specialist knowledge. Once these large stores of vertical knowledge are indexed and created they can be queried semantically across text and visual means returning bespoke variations of knowledge that can be used by upstream systems, for example systems for generating new knowledge from pre-existing data. 

You will diligently engineer pipelines to disambiguate and clean data with minimal human input and develop systems to create, update, represent and query these knowledge graphs to form unique vertical expertise from web scale data. You will be excited to lead bringing us to the frontier of vertical search and recommendation on the internet.

About You
We are looking for ambitious and independent thinkers who have a deep desire to contribute and want to be part of the team that makes this a reality for humanity. You should have all of these qualities: 

  • You have a PhD or equivalent industrial expertise in the application of knowledge representation and web-scale search across text, images and video with knowledge of the limitations and frontiers of the field. 

  • You have worked with or are curious about graph and vector databases and generating and querying documents and embeddings at scale, as well as how these generalize across text, images and video as well as the intersection of them, for example text-image joint embeddings. 

  • You can formulate methods to collect web-scale data, and understand the nuances of data from a human expert perspective to identify errors and inconsistencies. 

  • You have 7+ years of programming experience in Python and have development experience with both DL toolkits like PyTorch or Tensorflow and can deploy models with clean APIs. You are equally capable as a software engineer as you are in formulating novel research ideas and your code proves it.

  • You are capable of reasoning from first-principles, where there is no trodden path, as well as critically evaluate when existing ideas are worth considering. 

  • You are articulate and can present your ideas in writing, in person, and in small groups, and are able to educate audiences at all levels on the novel applications and relevance of reinforcement learning. 

  • You can easily distinguish authentic and high integrity thinkers from ‘posers’, while also critically evaluating truth from fiction in your own work.

  • Your colleagues consider you a highly positive personality, you amplify the energy of others rather than dampen the mood.

  • Your intensity goes from 0 to 1000 when you become authentically interested in a topic.

  • You not only have interests in reinforcement learning, but are deeply curious about a range of interdisciplinary topics, ranging from knowledge graphs, recommendations, web-scale search, deep learning, generative AI models, computer vision and the opportunity to build truly intelligent systems in software that are inspired by biology. 

  • You can show high creativity and intensity in your personal pursuits, and your intelligence, creativity, and motivation is not limited to only one discipline. 

  • You consider yourself an innovator and an original thinker, not a follower. You are looking for a way to contribute to the world, and want to join our team to do so. 

  • You want to work in person in London. Don’t worry, we’ll sponsor your visa.

We’re excited to meet you. If you are too, send a short message with a list of your projects and highlights, as well as a brief paragraph of your life’s story, to

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